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Here are a few interesting insect books to look for at your library:

ABC of Crawlers and Flyers
The Big Bug Book  (M. Facklam)
Bugs  (Parker & Wright)
Discover Hidden Worlds-Bugs
Eyewitness--Insects  (S. Parker)
Eyewitness Jr.--Amazing Insects  (L. Mound)
Golden Guides--Insects  (H. Zim)
Picturepedia--Insects and Spiders 
Why do bugs bite and sting? (S. Parker)
Zoo Books--Insects


Here are some informative insect sites:

Bug Bios Digital Dragonflies Insect sounds
Insect Sites on the WWW Mini-beast World 3-D Insects


Visit my niece's web sites.   She has been my inspiration to get at least one up and running!

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